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dna pasting wont work

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My creations side by side. I couldn't get their DNA for some reason so I posted an image. The third one's head is always twisted for some reason. The game is highly buggy, you can't exit out of challenge mode or delete buildings. They can't pathfind as well. 5/10.

what to do to edit DNA

Its nice

what r some good dna sequences

when i cant play spore this is the only game that almost gets to spores level

Not even close.

how do i play?

Very nice, especially the DNA mechanic is cool. 

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Dis Is Cool! Thanks for Creating this Game

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I fine this to be very interesting, but you should add a mutation rate setting. I still can't find out the genetics either! you could add a help button as well.

i agree


can't play this


Awesome game. Would like some more in-depth DNA design, but still really cool.

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Thanks ! :)


spore 2.0?

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Haha thanks ! 
It would be nice but if I decide to fork the project and make it an indie game on my free time, then it would be a smaller scope than Spore !


Try it! see what you can do and maybe if you get enough support expand it!